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Our company is a manufacturer of   RUF fuel wood briquette.
Price: 65eur/tonne FCA
Briquette features:

Briquette size:

• Length: 90-95 mm

• Width: 65 mm

• Height: 155 mm

Weight per briquette: not less than 835 grams

Humidity:7 - 10 %

Ash: not more than 1,5 %

Heat dissipation: 4515 - 4860 kcal/kg

Storage conditions: protection from precipitation (under cover)

1. Net weight of the briquette in the truck is 22.08 tons. Gross weight – 22.6 tons.

2. This product is packed: Packing: 12 briquettes (10 kg) packed in shrink a film. Packing size: 380 (360) x195x155 mm. Packs are stacked on pallets of 96 on the pallet, wrapped with stretch film and tied with four ribbons – as in the photo. Pallet size is 800x1200 mm, height is 1450 mm.

3. We produce RUF wood fuel briquettes  on new German hydraulic presses . Line speed is up to 1800 kg of briquettes per hour (4 presses).

4. Briquette composition: compressed mixture of sawdust of softwood (pine) – 70% and hardwood (oak, birch, alder) - 30%. Adhesives do not apply.


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